Handling Rejection in the Middle of a Pursuit

Rejection is painful. Growing up I was bullied by men and woman, and when young men would give me “attention” they later rejected me because of my morals and faith. Other girls would distance themselves from me because I wouldn’t partake in partying and they openly admitted I was too much of a “good” girl or Christian girl.

I haven’t dated anyone since my freshman year of high school (7 years now) and have experienced since then a lot of rejections from men, due to my faith. When I battle with what feels like rejection I find myself at times internally telling myself, “If a man, a man that I find attractive rejected me, than I can never get a man my heart desires.” That thought I have at times is TOTALLY INCORRECT!! Here is something that I’ve learned through experiences I want to share, knowing I am not the only woman on this earth whose experienced some type of rejection. Hopefully, you find encouragement in this:

“This breaking of you, will be the making of you. A new you. A stronger you.” ~Lysa Tykeurst

Somebody’s inability to see your worth will not determine where God is calling you. Two things can happen in this moment of rejection:
A. You can get bitter, or you can become better.
B. You can believe a lie from the devil telling you,” You’re unworthy, you’re unloved, and no man will love you, etc.” when last time I checked satan wasn’t God, and God is the only one who defines you.

You have the choice to run to the feet of Jesus, your true source of strength and love when you feel unloved and unwanted.

Something I try to always remember when I experience any form of rejection is:

1. Sometimes a rejection is the beginning of a healing in our hearts we never knew we needed.
(Example: that moment of feeling rejected by a man I care about caused me to run to God to experience complete healing from not only this rejection, but past rejections as well; it is causing me to put my heart in the Hands that matters most.)

2. This “NEVER” is taking me one step closer to my FOREVER.

A question I have to ask myself continuously is: If I knew how big the prize is (I.e my future husband) , would I see any of the past rejections as a blessing?

ABSOLUTELY!! If I could see my future husband now, I know he will be far better than any man that said “never” because God destined my husband to be my forever!

Any past rejection and any future rejections that you face is minuscule because we have a healing, loving, compassionate God! He sees your pain and desires to give you His precious gift of healing. You have the choice to take that gift.

No man can heal, only God can heal. No friend can be as loyal as God. And there will NEVER be a rejection more powerful than Gods love.

Don’t allow rejection to impact you negatively. Instead allow it to catapult you into the Devine direction God has for you.


1 Samuel 16:7
Psalms 139:23-16
Psalms 55:22
Matthew 6:31-34

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